The Cartiva® Synthetic Implant (Cartiva SCI) is a man-made (synthetic) implant made of a soft plastic-like substance (polyvinyl alcohol) and salt water (saline).  These materials are combined and molded into a solid, slippery and durable implant.

Cartiva® SCI is used to treat painful arthritis in the joint of the big toe.  The arthritis in the big toe is commonly known as osteoarthritis or “OA” and the worn down cartilage can cause pain.

The Cartiva® SCI is made to replace the damaged cartilage surface of the big toe.  As a result, it helps relieve pain and stiffness in your big toe caused by worn cartilage.

With the Cartiva® SCI your foot will be weight bearing immediately following surgery, however you should begin exercises to move your joint immediately. 

Please discuss with our doctors to see if you are the right candidate for this procedure. 

For more information on Cartiva® SCI, please visit their website at . 

For a detailed explanation please click on the Cartiva® SCI brochure here

Patient Testimonial provided by CARTIVA® SCI.

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